Who looks outside, dreams. who looks inside, awakes.


JULIA MIA®´s Restaurant  you can taste our haute cuisine with Mexican inspiration.

In our exclusive collection of dishes, which we renew every season, we incorporate traditional elements, colors, flavors and odors that added to the decoration of this space will give you a fully sensorial experience.
Enjoy a sunny breakfast, a warm meal or a romantic dinner surrounded by our lush garden at the magic shore of Chapala´s Lake.

If you are a guest in our SPA HOTEL and you prefer the privacy of your room, you can also ask for our Room Service at any time of the day.

Romantic dinner

Allow us to witness your special moments and pamper you and your couple with a romantic dinner in a private setting, surrounded by a magical natural ambiance and enjoying the sunset at the edge of the lake.

For this service we include a special three course menu and we suggest beginning at 8:00 pm. Please make reservations in advance.


8:00 am to 9:00 pm


Telephones 01 800 821 97 57, (387) 763 26 08/09

Ribera del Lago 170-1. El Chante.
Jocotepec, Jalisco, México. C.P. 45825
Tel: +52 (387) 763 26 08 / 09 • 01 800 821 97 57

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